We help you setup a team, ramp-up your business, write software, and provide you with contacts and guidance


Riversoft is a small company that offers software and consulting services with human-centric attitude. The key to our activities is strong relationships with the customers. The broad experience on the Polish market provides us with a network of connections that help us serve our customers better.


DGC business ramp-up

DGC is the Swedish network operator and provider of internet and data communication services. Due to dynamic growth the company decided to establish a nearshoring office in Poland. Riversoft helped with defining the cost budget, office search, researching accounting and legal services, employer branding, recruiting the team, general management, and software consulting.

Iver Polska team setup

This is a long term project related to recruitment of Iver Polska team. We helped with defining the profiles, provided salary reports, sourced the candidates, run the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. Additionally, Riversoft provided Agile, Team development, and Team building trainings.



Tomasz Zarzeczny

Over 15 years professional experience in IT in different positions ranging from SW Engineer to Managing Director. Passionate about programming since early childhood. Created first programs on Commodore64 and later on PCs in the pre Internet era. Held various technical and managerial positions in large international companies. Studied Computer Science and Engineering on the University of Texas at Arlington. Worked 5 years in Finland at a client’s company premises. Established remote offices for various clients in Krakow and Gdańsk in Poland. Currently involved in consulting and web apps development. Privately likes tennis, skiing, and kite-surfing.

Marta Mikułowska

Online marketing specialist, graphic designer and illustrator specializing in corporate identity design, branding and signage. The other areas of expertise include user interface design, newsletter design, advertisement, brochures, flyers, posters etc. Helping businesses in promotion, branding, and online marketing. Really enjoys creating logos and visual identity, icons, lettering and illustration.