"Why I’ve quit corpo?" – the interview with Flastheams creator

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Today I want to tell you about new, Polish start-up called “Flashteams”.
I had a chance to talk with it’s creator – Tomasz Zarzeczny.

Tomasz has over 10 years professional experience in IT in different positions ranging from SW Engineer to Managing Director. Passionate about programming since early childhood. Created first programs on Commodore64 and later on PCs in the pre Internet era. Held various technical and managerial positions in large international companies.

What is Flashteams?

“Flashteams is an online service for promoting and discovering software teams both on the market and in your organization.”

Why you’ve started thinking about creating Flashteams.com?

“The idea came from observing and participating in the current IT market. IT services market is very competitive. Companies fight for the best talent. This gives room for middleman companies, headhunters, etc, to benefit from such situation. They pull experts from the market and then ‘re-sell’ their services to other companies. Flashteams‘ goal is to connect teams of experts and companies in a structured way without any middleman. Flastheams aims to be a dedicated space for experts to advertise their skills, services, and experience working together as professional teams.

There is another motivation for creating Flashteams: corporations sometimes have internal communication problems, lack of visibility to skills, projects, experts on-board. Flashteams helps also solving this problem by allowing companies catalog their IT assets.”

Here is how Flastheams can help your organization.

How in practice does Flastheams solve the problem?

Flashteams provides a dedicated page for a team, where they can show their skills, projects, and advertise their services. The platform helps you to compare different teams, their skills and experience and choose the most suitable for your needs. Since the clients can hire the teams directly, it helps to save money by avoiding any unwanted middleman. In addition Flashteams platform has easy to use raiting and feedback system.”

Benefits of creating a team on flashteams.com

How does it differ from competition?

“Flashteams ensures quality and transparency of teams, which are the main differentiation from competition. Most of the freelancer sites are focused on individuals, and not so much on teams. Other, team-oriented services lack transparency – someone creates a team for you. In Flashteams you can see all team members, their achievements, completed projects, customer ratings and recommendations. You’ve got direct access to expert teams. So it’s up to you which team you’ll choose. Hiring a well-performing team will save you a lot of money compared to a fresh team that has to go through forming stages in order to perform”

Learn about the stages of team development

Who are the customers?

“The list of customers is very wide. Basically, these are companies of IT industry, CTOs and CEOs of small and medium companies, entrepreneurs. From large corporations, who are looking for a system that would help them with allocating resources in a more efficient way, through medium companies who need a remote team to perform a certain part of the work – to small ones where the team is needed only for one project. Currently the registered teams they are mainly from Eastern-Europe like Poland, Ukraine, or Belarus. These countries are widely known for the developers quality and very attractive pricing.”

That was all. We want to thank Tomasz Zarzeczny for the interview.

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