Selling software services with no bull-sh*t. Possible?


In the ancient ages, (read: before internet), a salesperson was the main source of the information about a product or service. Many times ‘the Sales’ tried to sell packaged snow to penguins saying it’s avocados. And sometimes they succeeded. Today, the Internet makes data available from million sources and about the salesperson herself too. Sales process is becoming very transparent.

What transparency means in selling software services?

Clients that seek high-quality software services, want an assurance that a supplier company can deliver. They rely on recommendations, proven track record, and references. If they decide to lease teams of engineers, they want to know who those engineers are, and what their experience is, and if there is ‘a chemistry’, if ‘it clicks’ – simply put: if there is a good match with the client company culture. Many clients do verify it.

How to provide transparency in software services sales?

Flashteams – a place where you can promote professional software teams. It gives clients a feeling of transparency: they can choose and discover teams, verify their experience, completed projects, сontact them directly without any intermediaries. Thanks to the fact that all the teams have a rating and a list of completed projects, clients can always choose the best professionals and ensure that your project will be delivered on time and with the best quality.

How transparency helps customers?

It helps clients to save time and money. Using Flashteams customers save money on recruitment agencies, head hunters, corporate management and other expenditure. They pay only for delivered software and enjoy a freedom of selecting the most matching team for themselves.

Here you can discover more about well-performing teams, that will save your money.

How to create a team’s online presence?

Flashteams makes it really simple: click ‘create new team’, fill in the information, add team members (you can create team profiles yourself or invite them via email). And that’s all, simple as never. Now you have your own Team.

How to promote a team?

The first step is creating your team’s profile, adding information about the successful projects. You can ask the customers to provide recommendations and ratings of your team’s services. Your attractive portfolio is ready to be shown to customers and investors and can be a part of your win-win proposal. Furthermore, your team profiles will appear on the front page and increase the visibility of your team.

Summing up

In order your sales more transparent, and therefore more attractive to clients, you can create your team’s online presence at The benefits you get are:

  • Create a visible and attractive portfolio in a few easy steps
  • Collect recommendations and ratings from customers
  • Promote your team in social media
  • Reach out to customers with interesting projects or services
  • Work with the client directly, without any intermediaries.

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