Roll’n’Code – how we use flashteams as promotional platform

Roll’n’Code on Flashteams

We would like to begin by telling you how we got to an excellent platform for promoting and discovering software teams – Flashteams.

Flashteams platform provides an excellent opportunity for any company or software team growth and not only.

You can fill in a dedicated page for a team, where you can highlight your skills, projects, and advertise the services.

The platform helps clients to compare different teams, their skills and experience and choose the most suitable for their needs.

Moreover, we use this platform for managing our teams.

We can easily generate CV  in pdf with all needed information in few seconds.

This gives transparency, so as you can see all team members, their achievements, completed projects, customer ratings and recommendations.

When we registered on Flashteams – the result has surpassed our expectations.

And now we invite you to explore all the possibilities and benefits of using Flashteams platform.

About Us, our successes and what large-scale projects, we were able to get after posting on this platform, you can read below.

So who we are?

We are Roll’n’Code mobile app development company located in Eastern Europe. Our tagline is – {Ship Product, Write Code, Have Fun} and we follow it fully on all our projects.

For achieving success, we have excellent teams in different departments of our company, such as:

  • iOS Department
  • Android Department
  • Design Department
  • Web Department

Each of these departments are headed by people with more than 7 years of experience in the IT sector. Thanks to such an experienced and cohesive team, we provide top quality and deliver projects on time.

Our advantages as a developer company:

Finish with self-promotion, let our completed projects tell all of us:

EGW Writingsapplication enables you to read, search and learn the complete published writings of Ellen G.White.

It is used by more than 10 thousand users daily. We, in our turn, continue to develop and improve this awesome application.

Tesla Ukraine – New mobile application for electric cars Tesla in Ukraine.

We don’t stay on the sidelines and worry about the environment. Therefore we made a great mobile applications for Tesla representative office in Ukraine.

We help to develop such important and necessary nowadays healthcare applications, one of them is – RVSL.

RVSL The app aims to be a quick, easily accessible, and efficient foundation of reversal strategies for life threatening bleeding or patients requiring surgery who are on an anticoagulant, anti-platelet agent, or who have an acquired bleeding disorder.

The choice of the developer company is not always easy.
Any mistakes at this stage will cost you dearly in the future.
Be very careful, and remember, if you choose Roll’n’Code – you choose effective solutions for your business success.

And we can honestly recommend you to register on Flashteams to get more benefits and visibility for your team.

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