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Thank you for stopping by at this blog. It’s about an exciting journey which is delivering value by programmers in Poland. This blog contains observations from perspective of a person engaged in programming, setting up, and managing programming centers in Poland.

Poland has become an IT outsourcing hub where many global players such as Google, IBM, Samsung, Intel, just to name the few, have set up their programming centers. There are many talented, English-speaking, and enthusiastic programmers at the Polish job market. Many of them have experiences working at foreign countries for large and small companies. Working with them brings joy and value if done right.

This blog contains lessons learned and best practices from the following areas: setting up a team, a company, establishing the supportive and creative organization environment, developing people and skills within the organization, managing budgets, costs, and profits, dealing with problem and solution uncertainties, and delivering value to customers.

I hope you will enjoy the reading, comment, share, and revisit frequently : )